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Talking the talk

I have always found it difficult to talk about my work, partly for reasons of being brought up not to bore other people about myself and partly because I find it genuinely difficult to express all the various reasons for my images being what they are. After all, if I'm honest, there is no grand master plan, no burning urge to express a philosophical ideal and certainly no manifesto. What occasionally worries me is that perhaps I am not serious enough, that I lack gravitas, that my work is insubstantial and lacking in nourishing intellectualism. I recently needed to write about my work in a professional context and decided to find out what other artists had to say about their methods and reas

Prints, mail, web and a big rabbit

At last! After a month of trying, I finally have a website and an email that work as nature intended (i.e, unobtrusively) and I can do all the things I've been meaning to do so far in the new year. Hurrah! This picture is called "A winter's tale". I'm currently republishing a few of the older blog pieces This is a piece about the differences between various types of print especially those claiming to be "Fine art". I think the lines are often blurred (quite deliberately) between computer printed images and artisan/studio produced works and "Fine Art Print" is becoming a rather elastic term I want to be quite clear that I think that computer printed work is fine and is a great way of owning a

The naming of names

Two weeks into the New Year, painting is well and truly under way and I have completed my first painting of the season. It's called V I P and is of course a tribute to our beloved leaders in whom we have so much faith, those leaders who continue to improve our world in so many ways and and who serve as an example to us all by adding truth, beauty and peace to this little planet of ours. It has spurred a thought process about the titling of pictures and what it means to me. When I started this picture it was to be called "the Very Important Person" but during the painting process it seems to have changed its name several times via "The Cactus king", "The King of the Cacti" "Our Leader", " The

New year old resolution

New year is of course the time to make resolutions for the attainment of higher wisdom, peak physical health and all round better personhood. As today is the 5th, it's a given that most people will have given up giving up whatever they were giving up and given themselves over to those bad old habits which are so hard to shake off. However I, for one, am made of sterner stuff and I am really going to make an efort to write a more frequent blog about art and the state of the world in general. In the spirit of this new found drive I am therefore happy to post this older piece from last year Other people's work Published on: 5 Aug 2014 @ 16:38 I freely confess the I had never heard of JD Ferguss

Older posts reposted

To get the new site and the New Year (incidently: Happy New Year Everyone!) off to a flying start I thought I might take this opportunity to repost choice snippets of some of the earlier posts as well as some of the more useful pieces, as all these were taken down with the old site design. This also saves me having to think of new and scintillating pieces so early in the year when brain function has been reduced by the festive binge. Here's a piece on photography from June 2014: Today we shall be discussing Bumphrey’s now immutable “3rd Law of Camera Lens Size” (CLS). During detailed observations carried out by our highly trained team of observers it has been noted, first in relatively crude

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