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More about the exhibition - Gilly

My friend Gilly Gegg was the prime mover of our exhibition as she lives not far from Porthleven and shows regularly at the craft market there in summer. Gilly's practice has covered a wide range of disciplines and she taught art for many years but she really only got seriously interested in glass when she moved to Cornwall with her husband who has also become an accomplished glassmaker. At first Gilly was mainly producing jewellery but in recent years she has moved on to beautiful glowing bowls and pictures inspired by the sea and the Cornish landscape. She tells me she is currently having to work like a demon to replace a large amount of work sold recently to repeat customer fans who wouldn

More about the exhibition - Stella

I am exhibiting in Porthleven with two good friends who have made Cornwall their home. Like me, Stella Pilsworth didn't paint for many years but since her move to a delightful village near Falmouth, she has taken up her brushes again. Galleries in Cornwall are full of "pretty" pictures of white-sailed yachts bobbing in that blue Cornish sea but I really love the fact that Stella has gone down a completely different route and has chosen huge merchant ships many would call ugly. Falmouth is a very busy port with many ships lying off in the bay for bunkering and it's not just a holiday destination and that's one of the reasons I love the place so much.

Exhibition coming up this week

So excited because it's less than a week to go to my next exhibition in Porthleven, Cornwall and there's still so much to do. I am so pleased to be showing again with my friends Gilly Gegg, talented glass artist, whose shimmering vitreous pictures conjure up a glittering undersea world and Stella Pilsworth, who paints really interesting oils, mainly of the big ships to be found in the Fal river as well as wonderful, moody seascapes. We have called our show "Once Again Upon a Wave" and you can find us from 10am-6pm every day at the Lifeboat Art Studio, Porthleven, from May 14th to May 20th. Our Private View is on Sunday 15th from 1400-1700. Do let me know if you would like to come. I'll be sh

Doing lots and nothing

I seem to have been rushing about doing things like paid work, DIY, cycling in the LoireValley and finishing commissions since late January and the year is speeding past at such a rate that this morning I suddenly realised that we are now in the fifth month and I have not even vaguely blogged since the new year. All this with the sword of Damocles that is a rapidly approaching exhibition. I tend to paint several pictures at a time which means that I have a studio full of unfinished pictures which are not ready to show to anyone. For some reason I always like to have a new picture to show with the blog, but I think that in the interests of writing a little more frequently I might have to fore

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