2015 and 2016 what was and will be

I'll try not to make this like one of those round robins that tell you how wonderful I've been for the last year, but I have been lucky and it really has been quite a good year for painting and exhibiting.

I managed to exhibit in quite a variety of different galleries and am just finishing the year with the eighth show of my work in a small group exhibition at the Metiers d'Art St Roch in Céret. Details of all the exhibitions so far are on thre Exhibitions page on this site

The main difficulty in 2016 will be to keep up the momentum and arrange new shows in as many place as possible, I will definitely be exhibiting at the Lifeboat Station in Porthleven in Cornwall in May and would certainly like to show at the Falmouth Poly again. I am currently looking for venues old and new. The one place in which it seems to be immensely difficult to find a suitable space is Portsmouth, but I will keep hunting for a suitable site.

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