Home at last!

July 11, 2019


At long last, we have made the move to France. Our home is now the beautiful little town of Céret, way down in the South of france and nestling in the lea of the Pyrenees.


It's been a long twelve months since last writing  on this blog, during which my dear old Dad died and my wife broke several fingers in a fall, which resulted in a long delay to our packing prior to the move. The upshot of all this is that very little painting got done between August last year and June this year. This is now being remedied and I have a studio full of half finished paintings  and a growing number of finished ones.


The great thing about living in one place rather than two is that I have continuity in the studio and can really concentrate on getting serious work done.


The reason for this sudden jump start in my work schedule is that i have been given the chance of not one but two solo shows in August and September. Very exciting but it does mean a huge amount of work to get through before the final deadline.


My little studio is at the top of our tall narrow house and there is a large window above my work space, so in this current thirty degrees plus temperature it's a little on the warm side, but actually, once you get used to it, it's not that bad and provides a splendid excuse fo a cold beer later in the day.



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