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The New Look

It's the start of a New Year that will hopefully great deal better than the previous effort. Obviously a new and more sensible US President is a great bonus and there may may be light at the end of the tunnel with new vaccines coming on stream which will hopefully allow a gradual return to a more normal world.

Unfortunately 2021 has started with a major kick in the teeth for me and many like me. One of the unfortunate realities of the ill negotiated hardline Brexit is that I am not now able to sell my work in the UK without registering for VAT which would of course require me to jump through fiscal hoops and employ an accountant for the quarterly returns. As well as VAT I will have to pay import duties as well as vastly increased courier fees. This will mean that my paintings would be at least 30% more expensive. These are not costs that I can afford to absorb. As well as the fiscal costs there is also the mountain of paperwork. All this for a largely pointless exercise that was ill conceived and based on a mountain of lies half truths and outright fantasies designed to make a wealthy elite still wealthier.

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